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The Playcoin team has been rebranded into the PlayCoin Crypto Alliance to enable continuous eco-system expansion and realize the revenue model.

The new business model, Crypto Alliance and incubating structure, will select promising projects and execute joint funds or cooperation by Playcoin.

We will continue to build various revenue models for investors and holders.

PlayX (PlayCoin Crypto Alliance)

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Our Service


B2B Wallet

Based on accumulated technical skills and know-how of existing PlayX developers,

this project is a B2B project that produces wallets of various Crypto businesses through White Labeling method.

It can be applied to variety of businesses such as blockchain media, community, and games.



It was launched as a favorite dashboard information service for margin traders;

it is a platform that has grown to hold the highest global ranking of 26,808th and 25,000 active users based on Amazon Alexa.

Based on these user bases, it is becoming a popular platform for margin trading

with platforms that are preparing for direct intra-platform trading and various services.


Crypto e-Commerce

This is a platform that will be operated by adding crypto payment and simple transaction features to existing e-Commerce-style shopping malls, and LifePharm, which has a large number of members worldwide, has been selected as a business partner and will be launched based on that.

It will be structured to accommodate both wholesale and retail sellers; it will have a shopping mall structure that will benefit from all transactions being recorded on the blockchain.


MCN Platform

This was a professional MCN that deals with beauty and diet materials, launched in cooperation with influencers who are active not only in blockchain but also in non-blockchain fields. With a platform to tap into the influencers and awareness of the Infusion, we will run a sophisticated token economy and platform operation that addresses many issues to complement the advantages and disadvantages of existing projects.


Copyright Platform

This is planning a copyright-related platform, one of the areas where blockchain-based technology can be very useful, with renowned composers at the forefront.

Many projects have already tried copyright-related blockchain models; success stories are hard to find. These cases were carefully analyzed to design a realistic blockchain convergence copyright platform with potential for development.


PlayX, the rebranding of PlayCoin will be listed on Bithumb. And the other exchanges with existing PlayCoin will re-list it as PlayX.
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Whitepaper & One Page

PlayX's Whitepaper and One-pager. Check our vision and goal.

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