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PlayCoin Anti-money laundering

Terms and Conditions:Anti-Money Laundering(AML) and Know Your Customer(KYC).





Last update: 2017.09.30



Anti-money laundering(AML)


1. PlayCoin acknowledges international Anti-Money Laundering policies and related laws. In order to secure our platform and its services from any illegal activities, we intend to report to the investigation agency or court by means of (i) suspicious funds route; (ii) money laundering; (iii) funds related to illegal products or materials; (iv) funds related to criminal activities; within 72 hours.



Know Your Customer(KYC)


1. PlayCoin provides process of Know Your Customer to prevent any suspicious funds route related to laundering, illegal products, and activities.

1.1. If KYC process is not completed, the account may be terminated and unable to make any transaction further. Also, this information will be reported to the investigation agency or court within 72 hours.

1.2. PlayCoin will obtain following information through donation process for KYC process.


  • - Legal Name
  • - Nationality
  • - Valid E-mail address
  • - Forms of Identification (i.e. ID card, Driver’s License, Passport, etc.)




All transactions and services on PlayCoin shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong. This Terms and Conditions will be protected and governed by the laws of Hong Kong.

If PlayCoin finds out from customer with criminal activity or money laundry, applicable account statement and transaction statement will be reported to applicable investigation agency or court under applicable amended laws.


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