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ERC20 swap to end soon

Greetings from PlayCoin.

The swap from QRC20 to ERC20 that has taken place over the last year or so will be ending on the 11th of November, 2019.

After this date, the swap period will end and all PLY (QRC) will be incinerated.

Please send us an email as ([email protected]) if you have been having swap issues due to problems with Qtum Core Wallet or Qbao Network Wallet.

We will check and analyze the inquiry contents and carry out a swap once a month for relevant users.

Details on time will be announced at a future date through our official channel.

For guidance on the swap process, please refer to the video at PlayCoin’s YouTube account at (

PlayCoin’s move to the Ethereum-based ERC20 will allow for an even more active and assertive business than before.

Thank you.