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PlayCoin Legal Notice






Nothing in this GameHub page (including contents and services) shall be implied to induce any sort of solicitation for investment, nor pertain to an offering to buy any securities in any jurisdiction.

Any forms of cryptocurrency transactions contain known and unknown risks and uncertainties which may cause actual loss or different results from expectation. The price and value of cryptocurrency may be changed that also may cause actual loss or different results from expectation. The cryptocurrency is NOT insured as conventional form of asset by private organizations and state, federal, and national government. The company does NOT insure cryptocurrency forms and its value.


You are not eligible to purchase tokens in any form and/or by any means, if you hold following citizenship and permanent resident:

  1. 1. The People’s Republic of China (Mainland)
  2. 2. The Republic of Korea
  3. 3. Any countries that restricts their citizens to contribute


Nothing in the platform and terms shall be implied to induce solicitation for cryptocurrency to restricted citizens that unable to purchase due to ineligibility.


To reduce any possible risks, the company has right to:

(a) Reject from creating personal account,

(b) Reject transaction through the webpage


Also, once personal account or transaction has rejected, the Company does NOT have any responsibilities to provide reason for rejection.