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PlayCoin Privacy Policy

PlayCoin Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions





Last Updated: September 30, 2017


I. General


A. This terms and conditions is about privacy policy (“Policy”) through usage of webpage

1. GameHub Co. Ltd. (“Company”) is the creator and manager of the webpage. Webpage or website represents the PlayCoin services (“Service”). Webpage provides services for the PlayCoin.


2. User represents people usage of the webpage (“You”).


B. You may be asked to provide your personal information anytime you are in contact with the Company and its webpage. The Company and its webpage may share registered information with each other and use it consistent with the Policy. The Policy explains that personal information may not be used outside of webpage and services.

1. If you have any questions or concerns about the Policy or Company, please contact Administrator ([email protected]).



II. Revisions of the Policy


The company has the right to modify or revise the policy and other terms.

The Company has the responsibility to post date of last updated on the webpage. If there is no date of last updated on the webpage, this acknowledges as the Policy and other terms have not modified or revised. Modification or revision of the Policy shall be reported on webpage; also notified through account settings.

If you persist to access webpage and its services, the Company shall acknowledge as agreement on modified or revised Policy.Modified Policy may contain information about transfer of personal information in the case of Company’s merger.



III. How we collect your personal information


1. Passive Collection


In order to improve webpage experience, we may collect information through webpage cookies. Information from cookies will contain user IP address, location, and other session data. Cookies represent a portion of data that is saved into browser’s cache that help us better understand user behavior, tell us which parts of our webpage people have visited, and facilitate and measure the effectiveness of web searches. Cookies can optimize and simplify the browser to improve recognition. Most browsers permit to create cookies. You may disable cookies because of personal reason. This will disable several features on webpage. The Company shall not have any responsibility on loss from disabling cookies.


2. Active Collection


The Company may collect personal information from using webpage and PlayCoin services.

i. The Company also may collect personal information through register process including legal name, e-mail address, and verification of identity.



IV. How We Use and Disclose Your Personal Data


Personal information will only be shared by the Company to provide or improve our services and webpages; it will not be shared with third parties for their marketing purposes. The Company shares personal information with companies who provide services such as information processing, fulfilling your orders, delivering products to you, providing customer service, conducting customer research or satisfaction surveys, and managing and enhancing your data.



V. Special Cases


Privacy is the priority to the Company. The company is obligated to protect your information on the webpage. Your information shall not be shared with third parties without your agreement, request from legal agencies, or any special cases. It may be necessary – by law, legal process, public authorities, or special cases – for the Company to disclose your personal Information on search engines (i.e. Google).


1. The Company must comply with privacy policy, and laws on personal information.


2. Location of third parties that the Company provides customer services and Anti-money laundry will be Hong Kong or foreign nation.


3. The Company may report suspicious activities, potential money laundry, funds for terrorist, and other potential illegal activities to public and government authorities.


4. Disclose necessary information of customer who violated terms and conditions or other policies in order to prepare contact or lawsuit.


5. The Company manages webpage and services by legal means.


6.The Company has right to disclose ALL information of criminal activities and suspicious action to legal and government authorities in order to protect the Company, users, and safety of general public. The Company shall cooperate with rational decision by legal and government authorities such as civil case, criminal case, summons to the court, and enforcement.


7. The Company may provide personal information including user account, and credit card information to legal and government authorities if the Company found evidence that user abuses credit card or account fraud.


8. The Company may disclose personal information of customer who violated No-spam policy. The Company may act to whom uses user account and e-mail to spread out massive amount of unnecessary advertisements


9. Webpage and its services shall be managed by cloud service business. Back-up, restoring data will be stored according to cloud service policy. The Company may not release the location of back-up data due to cloud service policy.


10. If you have question and concern about webpage and cloud service business, please contact [email protected]



VI. Refusal of Our Communication.


The company uses your personal information to send important notices, such as communications about details of new programs, webpage and cryptocurrency interface.

You may refuse to receive our communication and important notices by contacting [email protected] or click “Do Not Receive” link on the bottom of your e-mail.



VII. Our Commitment to Data Security


The Company provides all technical and legal actions to protect your personal information. We try our best to prove safe security on our network systems. Our webpage and services comply with firewall and security standard to protect users from any danger. All personal information will be protected through VPN with granted administrator. We execute periodic security inspection; the result of security inspection will be reported on our webpage, and by and means of communication.

We also try our best to prevent security invasion by hackers. The Company may not ensure complete safety of our security


Please DO NOT disclose any classified and explicit information to public.

We do NOT take any responsibility of damage or loss based on disclosure of classified and explicit information to public.



VIII. How to Access or Modify Your Personal Data

You may withdraw whole/partial agreement of the Policy that the Company has mentioned.

[Please be aware that fee would be charged for requesting modification.]

Contact information: [email protected]



IX. Where to Ask Questions About Our Privacy Policy



If you have any questions or concern about the Policy, please contact us [email protected]